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Aluminum Foil (Al Foil)

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Aluminum foil is a form of aluminum that is laminated to aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.004 mm (4 m) or more and not exceeding 0.2 mm (200 mic). Depending on the purpose of use different aluminum foil of different thickness. Aluminum film used in the film thickness of 6mic, 7mic, 9mic ..., used in household cooking is 16mic, 24mic ...

Aluminum film thickness of 25mic or more can completely prevent air and water vapor. Thinner aluminum foils have lower penetration resistance, due to pinholes occurring in the manufacturing process. 

Aluminum foil is widely used for packaging, as they can easily be converted into thin films, bags, rolls, or packages. Aluminum foil acts as a layer of light and air, blocking the taste, moisture and bacteria. Aluminum foil is widely used for food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and long-term products such as beverages or milk ... without the need to store it in the refrigerator. Aluminum bags and trays are used to bake cookies, pack snacks, snacks, cat food ...