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T-die extrusion factory

T-die extrusion factory2 T-die extrusion factory3

Our T-die extrusion factory is available to coat LDPE upto 2000mm width and to laminate with adhesive

by dry laminating machine upto 2400mm width. Exact roll slitting with any size upto 2400mm width is

available by durable sliting machine on customers’ request.


Metalized(Aluminized)-Film-and-Aluminium-Foil-with-One-Side-PE-coating3 Metalized(Aluminized)-Film-and-Aluminium-Foil-with-One-Side-PE-coating1 Metalized(Aluminized)-Film-and-Aluminium-Foil-with-One-Side-PE-coating

These films are to be laminated with XLPE or NPE foam sheet by indirect hot oil roller laminator or direct

flame laminator. For this process, laminating machine is essentially required.