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Plastic Films

Feliz Plastic provides plastic films for film-making and multi-layer packaging.

Plastic film of all kinds, for the production of multi-layer packaging film, film grafting, packaging ...

  • Aluminum foil
  • BOPP film - Biaxially oriented Polypropylene
  • BOPA film - Biaxially oried Polyamide
  • PET film, CPP ...
  • High barrier films such as VMPP, VMPET, VMPA ...

Along with the general development of the plastic industry, the soft packaging industry in Vietnam has made progress in both quantity and quality. The variety, complexity and quality of the products are increasing, being accepted by domestic and international partners.

Understanding that need, with reliable partners from Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand ... We are proud to bring customers the best quality products, meet the requirements. customers and common areas of the region & international.