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Introduction about us

Established in 2012, Plastic Feliz is a unit specializing in supplying materials in the plastic industry such as plastic (HDPE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, PA, POM ...) (Al foil, OPP film, CPP, OPA film ...) or other products to meet the needs of the business.

From 2015: With the change of market, Feliz Plastic is moving towards trading in primary plastic products. Including HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PA ...

In 2016: Feliz Plastic expanded the business of plastic film products for the production of flexible packaging film, multi-layer packaging. Products include aluminum film, OPP film, OPA, CPP, PET film and other products such as zipper zipper, two-component glue, plastic cover ...

With the determination to innovate and improve constantly, Feliz Plastic Vietnam Co., Ltd gradually affirmed its name and prestige, becoming the supplier of many leading enterprises in Vietnam plastic industry.


With enthusiastic and passionate staff, passion and many years of experience working with foreign companies;
In order to bring customers and partners the best products with the highest value, Feliz Plastic sets its own standards in business.

Think Local - Act Global:

Feliz Plastic strives to listen, understand the difference in business culture, culture of behavior of partners in each country and region and have appropriate behavior.

Besides, Feliz Plastic always keep professional attitude and standards in line with the global business culture.

Win - Win Attitude:

Feliz Plastic sets a "win-win" goal of mutual benefit as a guide for our actions. Not pursuing the interests of only one party, which affects, infringes on the interests of the other parties, affecting the purpose and common activities.

We are always looking for solutions and solutions that will help all parties to benefit from each other, to achieve long-lasting cooperation.