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Polystyrene (PS)

Mã sản phẩm: GPPS 5250
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The full name of the PS is Polystyrene, formed from the styrene polymerization.

  • PS is hard plastic transparent, colorless, odorless, tasteless, easy to color, easy to work.
  • PS resins have very low molecular weight, low strength, and less durability when exposed to high temperatures. High durability when molecular weight increases. At a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, the plastic will be soft and sticky like rubber.
  • PS resins are only used at temperatures lower than 80 ° C.Density 1.05-1.06 g / cm³.

PS resins are widely used in many fields such as foam boxes, food trays, CDs, and so on. It is a safe material used for the production of children's toys, computer cases, computers, office furniture such as pen pens, plastic covers, tables and chairs, as well as some details in the industry, and can replace some materials to save costs. The price of PS resin is very durable and low cost.

GPPS is also called General Purpose Polystyrene. It is used for cosmetic bottles, propellers, biscuits and confectionery boxes. Depending on the technical requirements as well as the price of products, PS is added with other additives in order to meet the demand for production of suitable products.