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Plastic resins

Feliz Plastic is specialized in importing and supplying various kinds of plastic granules, serving the diverse production needs of our customers. We have all kinds of plastic for injection molding, extrusion blowing, bottle blowing, textile bagging, spinning to stamping, vacuum ... and wide application in many industries, production details plastic, packaging, home appliances ...

 All kind of plastic:

  •         HDPE injection / blow molding
  •         PP homolymer / copolymer
  •         PET resin
  •         Plastic resin PA / ABS
  •         Other plastics such as PC, POM, SBC ..

With the technical support from the team of experienced foreign experts and partners are the major manufacturers have branded, reputable on the market such as Exxon Mobill, Sabic, Formosa, Basf ... they I am confident to bring customers high quality raw materials and stable.

In addition, we also provide off grade plastic, with quality not inferior to primary but more competitive price. Off grade plastic, near grade.